How to make your first webcam software

Google has introduced a new web cam software for Windows PCs and Android phones.

The new software, called WebCam, is available for Windows and Mac and is described as an “easy-to-use and powerful tool for webcasting and streaming video”.

It’s “designed to make it easier for users to capture video and interact with live webcams on Windows PCs, mobile phones, and tablets”, according to the company.

“We hope the software will help us bring the power of a webcam to the mainstream,” Webcam developer Kevin Wahl said in a blog post.

“If you’re already a web cam enthusiast, we hope you’ll find it useful.”

WebCam is an Android app that allows users to “stream and edit videos” directly from the Windows PC and Mac.

The software also includes a web browser, which allows users “to browse, navigate, and interact directly with webcamed content”.

“We wanted to make this the easiest-to-(but not the only) way to share video with your friends and family on your Android phone or tablet,” the company said.

“With the WebCam app, you can easily view and edit a video with an easy-to see, easy-press interface.”

Users can upload their webcam footage to YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, and Facebook.

There’s also a “smartwatch-like interface” for Windows phones and tablets.

The feature will be made available in “the coming weeks”.

Google says it’s aiming for “the widest variety of video quality for any type of content”.

It adds that it’s not limited to webcam, video editing or sharing, and there’s “no need to worry about battery life” for users.