How to use facial recognition for your business online

In the NFL, facial recognition technology has helped the league identify, track and prevent crimes.

But a new app that allows customers to use it to track customers in real time may give some businesses a competitive edge. 

As part of the NFL’s effort to improve customer service, the league last week rolled out a new online tool called epson scan that enables customers to quickly identify customers in person or remotely via a voice-controlled app.

The app has been available for customers to download on iOS devices for two months and now is available for Android and Windows devices.epsonscan can identify a customer by their face and their contact information, and the app can identify them by facial recognition and location data. 

“The epsonscan technology can provide a new tool for businesses to leverage when providing customer service,” the NFL said in a release.”epson scanner can identify individuals who have left the company, have recently purchased a product, or who have recently visited a location.eponscan also identify individuals based on a customer’s facial appearance and personal characteristics such as age, gender, height, weight, and height-to-weight ratio.”eponsscan can also provide a unique fingerprint to help identify the person, which can help expedite identification and the identification of those who might be at risk for fraud or identity theft. 

The eponscan service is part of an effort to create a centralized database for identifying people who might have information of value.eponescan will allow businesses to keep track of customers across multiple platforms, including the NFL website, social media platforms, e-commerce sites and the NFL app. 

According to the NFLPA, more than 3.5 million customers use the eponsscan service on NFL platforms each week. 

Eponscan was developed by The Epons Company, a division of The Epoons Group, an independent U.S.-based technology company that has developed facial recognition solutions for retailers, health care and education customers.