Thunderbolt Software Engineer to Join DCPS Students

Posted February 03, 2018 06:05:16 An internship at the US Department of Education is looking for a software engineer with experience with the Tableau software platform, according to a blog post by DCPS student software engineer Alex Cordeiro.

The position would involve working with DCPS Office 365 on software development projects. 

The post did not give details about the internship, which Cordeirello said was not his first job. 

He added that the position was available for three months, but that it was up to the company to decide when to hire him. 

Cordeiro said he was looking forward to working with students who are interested in technology development, and wanted to take part in the education process. 

“I am looking forward learning about the technology, how we can use the technology and what kind of jobs we can be doing to get a good education,” he said. 

DCPS Office for Students is an education and research organization within the DCPS.

It manages student work experiences, offers career and technical support, and oversees programs for teachers, principals, and administrators.

The organization was created in 2013 to support DCPS employees in the classroom and through their work experience. 

According to the DCUS job site, DCPS offers a full-time career with a salary of $63,800, which is lower than the federal minimum wage of $9.77 an hour. 

Employers are required to pay their employees at least $15.90 per hour, but it is unclear if DCPS will be able to meet that threshold. 

In April, DCUS awarded a $30,000 grant to the University of California at Davis to help it launch a $15-an-hour wage. 

Source: The Hill | Posted February 03, 2019 05:22:28 [Featured Image by Cameron Smith/AP Images]