Clinton Foundation’s $200 million donation to Clinton Foundation, IRS filings show

NEW YORK — The Clinton Foundation announced Tuesday it had paid $200.5 million to settle a tax evasion case, a sign that the charity has moved past its financial woes and is poised to emerge from a decade-long tax dispute that forced the foundation to shut down last year.

The foundation has filed for a second extension of tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code.

It will be eligible for a refund starting Oct. 31, the same date that it applied for extension in January, according to the foundation’s statement.

The tax evasion lawsuit stemmed from a 2009 investigation by the IRS into whether the Clinton Foundation violated federal tax laws by accepting foreign donations to pay for Clinton’s book, “Hard Choices.”

In response, the foundation paid the U.S. Treasury $1.5 billion in penalties.

In June, the U., British, German and Japanese governments agreed to pay the foundation $1 million each to settle claims they were misclassified foreign donations by the foundation as tax-deductible donations to the Clinton Global Initiative, a Clinton-backed nonprofit that promotes democracy and global development.