Dell, HP offer up to $600 security services for Dell,HP

Dell, Hewlett-Packard, HP announced a partnership that will offer customers a $600 annual service plan with up to two years of security protection.

The Dell, Lenovo, HP security plan comes with Dell’s Dell SecurePort VPN, and a Microsoft Azure subscription for $99 per month.

The Lenovo, Dell security plan also includes an annual subscription to the Dell SecureWorks VPN for $59 per month, and HP Security Essentials for $89 per month with an additional three-month subscription to Dell’s Windows 10 Pro Premium VPN.HP announced the partnership in a blog post today.

Dell’s security suite includes Dell’s Security Essence VPN, Microsoft Azure, and Dell Security Essent, the company said.

The HP Security Suite includes an additional two-year subscription to HP SecurityEssentials, a three-year Dell SecureWise VPN subscription, and the Dell Advanced Threat Protection for an additional $99 annually.

HP also launched a new security management tool, Dell Security Manager, that will help customers manage their security.

“Dell’s Dell Security Suite and HP’s HP Security Manager help users keep their systems secure and up-to-date while they’re on the go,” said Greg Doyon, vice president of corporate security and security products for Dell.

“As more and more people use the cloud, security has become an important part of that mission.

These products provide the security services customers need to be able to stay connected with their devices and stay safe while doing so.”