How to get the best of Adobe editing software

A day after Adobe’s chief executive, Patrick O’Connor, announced that the company would begin selling its own software, the tech giant is offering to help developers.

Adobe has said it will sell the software and a free Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to help with the transition to a cloud-based editing service.

O’Neill told investors in a conference call that the move would be an effort to support developers.

“We want to help accelerate the transition from desktop to cloud and from desktop, to cloud to mobile and to mobile,” O’Neal said.

“But that’s not going to be easy.”

O’Connors comments came after Adobe CEO Patrick Ollner said last month that Adobe would sell its own Adobe Creative Suite software for its own customers to help streamline its cloud-computing operations.

Ollners move comes as Apple is also trying to become a more cloud-friendly company, but the tech company has also said it plans to buy Adobe.

Oliu Yang, Adobe’s vice president of global product management, said on a conference calls call with investors last month the company has been working on a transition plan for Adobe since 2015, and it will be a “significant time” for the company.