How to get your Windows 10 app to protect your computers, phones, and tablets from viruses and malware

The latest Windows 10 security update, KB3029583, adds the ability to install and uninstall applications.

You’ll also need to install the update on your Windows devices, and the update can be installed on PCs, tablets, and phones.

The update can also be installed via the Windows Update application.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the installation process for Windows 10 Pro users, as well as for Windows users that are running a different version of Windows.


Go to Control Panel.


Select Update & Security from the menu bar.


Click on the Update & Protection tab.


Select the Windows 10 Security Update you want to install.


Click OK. 6.

After the update has been installed, your computer and its devices will start to display a warning message in the Windows Notification Center.


When you click OK, your system will start a scan of your PC and its connected devices to check for updates and other problems.


Once Windows detects an update, it will check to see if it’s compatible with your PC.

If you have an older version of the Windows update that’s not yet installed, it may still be installed.


The Windows update will download and install the application you want.

If it’s installed, the application will open in the Start menu and the system will ask you for a confirmation.


The application will launch, and you’ll be taken to the Windows Control Panel (or Control Panel + Users and Groups).


Click the Updates tab.


Select Windows Update to install updates for your computer, devices, or your Windows account.


When the update is installed, a list of updates will be displayed.


If your Windows Update software is still working on your PC, you can continue to install this update.

You can check if your update is up to date by going to Settings > Update & security > Windows Update.

If Windows 10 is still running in the background, you’ll need to disable automatic updates.


After your update has finished downloading and installing, Windows will restart and ask you to restart your PC or device.


When Windows is restarting, the Windows notification center will ask if you want the application to start automatically when you restart your device.

If the application does start automatically, you will be prompted to enter your Windows password.


After you enter your password, the notification will close.

Windows will then reboot and restart your computer.

The app will start again.