What’s new in Google’s Webcam software?

Software updates and fixes to Google’s webcam suite have been rolling out to more than a million users of the latest version of the software.

The latest version has been available for several months now.

The updates are aimed at improving performance and making the software easier to use.

It now uses an improved image quality mode, with more detail in the image.

Users can now zoom in and out with the mouse, as well as adjust the brightness, contrast and sharpness.

The camera can now also take photos of the webpages they are viewing, and can record video of the process.

There is also a new feature called ‘webcam’ which lets users view and record video in a web browser.

Users also have the option to capture live feeds from their devices, to use them to upload content, and to download content for use in Google Drive.

The Google-owned video-sharing service is a popular source of revenue for Google.