Faced with Faced the future of facial recognition software

Faced by the imminent demise of face recognition software, one company says it’s looking for ways to make it a reality.

According to the software company, FaceTag, it’s going to become “a standard in every device that comes after it” and will be integrated into “everything from smart TVs to cars.”

It’ll also make it easier for law enforcement to track suspects.

In a press release announcing the announcement, FaceTags founder, Steve Lee, said the company is looking for partners to “enable facial recognition technology in the future” to help law enforcement solve crimes.

“It is time to make facial recognition a reality,” Lee said in the press release.

“It is a fundamental change in how we look at the world.”

FaceTag’s software already makes it possible for facial recognition to recognize people’s faces and unlock doors, but Lee says FaceTag is looking to expand its facial recognition capabilities to include more features that are beyond simply looking for a face.

In addition to making facial recognition more powerful, Lee said FaceTags will be able to “learn more about a person’s facial expression and how it relates to other people’s facial expressions.”

It also said it’s not a replacement for fingerprint recognition, and that it can “be used to track individuals and their movements.”

Lee said the software would be able identify faces even when they are obscured by other people, as long as they have the same facial expression as the face it’s trying to identify.

Lee said FaceTag will eventually offer “the capability of creating a ‘personality profile’ of a person, which will then be used by other applications to track them and potentially prosecute them.”

FaceTags CEO Steve Lee is pictured in San Francisco, California, U.S. on October 7, 2018.

FaceTags announced in February that it had signed a $1 billion deal with Facebook to develop facial recognition systems.

This is the second major technology company to announce plans to integrate facial recognition into its products.

Last month, Apple announced a new facial recognition system called Face Unlock that will allow Apple users to unlock their phones using their facial recognition.

The latest facial recognition company is also looking to integrate into consumer products.

The company announced in January that it was going to develop a facial recognition facial recognition service that would allow its customers to unlock and use their phones.

The announcement comes after facial recognition is set to become the go-to technology for police agencies around the world.

Police departments around the country have been asking for better facial recognition technologies to track and identify suspects.

In March, the New York Police Department said it had deployed facial recognition on the front lines of a shooting, as the department’s technology could identify the shooter’s weapon.