‘Fantastic’ Sausage Boy: Sausages in my own mouth for the first time!

I was a little bit worried when I received my sausage package from Sausagro’s, and my first thought was “This isn’t good for me!”

I wasn’t expecting to receive anything from the brand, but as I opened the package, I found my own sausage in my mouth.

After the experience I’ve had in the past, I am really excited about the products Sausa Boy is offering.

I am also excited to try out their sausage mix, and it is definitely a winner.

They have made me a very happy sausage boy and I look forward to making more soon.

The sausage mix is a combination of sausages from the UK, Australia and New Zealand, with the exception of the South African sausage, which is a special order.

The recipe is fairly simple, as the sausage mix consists of three ingredients, plus some dried mushrooms and a bit of pepper.

I found that the mushrooms added a lovely sweetness, but the addition of the pepper was quite disappointing.

The taste was alright though, and I could really taste the saucy flavour.

I think the sausage mix was a bit too spicy, so I had to make it a little less spicy.

The mix contains enough spice to make the sausage taste good on its own, but it would be better served in a sauce.

I did however love the fact that the saucies were cooked for an hour before serving, and the flavor of the sausage was good, although the sausage might not have been perfect for me.

The price is great, and there are a lot of sausage packages available for under $15.

I’m very pleased with the quality and quantity of sausage available in Australia, and if I could find a sausage from the USA for under 40 bucks, I would definitely buy it.

I can’t wait to try this new sausage mix.

Happy sauzing!