How to use Microsoft Cortana software to help you stay connected with your friends and family

Microsoft has introduced a new feature that can help you keep up with friends and loved ones online.

The feature, called Cortana, lets you ask questions about people you’ve spoken to and others you’ve communicated with via email or social media.

The new feature is only available for Microsoft Surface tablets and laptops, but Microsoft says it can be used for phones, too.

Microsoft also says Cortana can help people keep track of what their loved ones are up to online, whether it’s the day of the week, whether they’re going on vacation or even if they’ve been arrested or jailed.

A picture of Microsoft’s Cortana feature.

Microsoft has also included a new video tutorial that teaches users how to use the new feature.

You can see the new video on the Microsoft page that provides the feature.

Microsoft is adding Cortana to its online services, including Office 365, its online productivity suite.

This feature is available to any Office 365 account.

The new feature has been designed to make it easier to stay connected to friends and colleagues through social media and email, said Scott Schumacher, Microsoft’s director of product management for online services.

It also helps users to get things done, he added.

Microsoft announced Cortana back in October, and it was available on all Microsoft Surface devices, including the Surface Pro, Surface Pro 3 and Surface Book.

The Cortana feature was previously available for a limited time for Surface Pro 2, Surface 3 and Pro 3, but the feature was only available on those devices until recently.

“Our goal is to make the online services and products easier to use for our users and for those who use them daily,” Schumachers said.

“We are adding Cortana as part of these offerings to ensure our users get the most out of the online and offline experiences.”

Cortana can be found at

Microsoft released a new version of the Windows 10 Mobile operating system for Surface devices in November.