The New York Times says it’s not the same company as Microsoft, but its brand is more important

Posted June 01, 2018 07:54:06The New York City Times’ flagship newspaper is on a mission to show the world that Microsoft’s brand is the same as Apple’s, a new article published Tuesday claims.

“The Times’ new editorial team says that Microsoft has lost its way.

The Times says the company has lost touch with its readers, who have switched to Google,” the article by Adam Davidson and Michael Aronstein, the editors of the Times, states.”

Microsoft is the company that’s reinvented itself as a technology leader, not a software company.

Microsoft is the tech company that will do the most for the people it cares about,” the Times added.”

It is a great time to be a reader.

And if you’re a consumer, you’ll want to buy from Microsoft,” they wrote.”

But that is not enough.

We’re also starting to see a change in the company’s approach to business,” they continued.”

This is the beginning of a realignment of corporate strategy.

The new Microsoft is different, less predictable, less focused on profit and more focused on the value of our customers.”

They concluded by saying that Microsoft is “not the same Microsoft that is still trying to reinvent itself and reinvent its own way of doing things.”

The Times editorial board, which was set up by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to promote consumer choice, did not respond to a request for comment from The Washington Post.

The paper has long touted its editorial independence.

Microsoft said the Times’ editorial board is incorrect, but said in a statement that the paper is “committed to the values of the NYT” and that its decision to run a new editorial did not influence the newspaper’s editorial stance.

“We have a long history of publishing original and fact-based stories on technology and innovation, and we are committed to a broad range of editorial perspectives, from the tech industry to everyday Americans,” a Microsoft spokesperson told The Washington Times.

“As a leader in technology, Microsoft is focused on providing the best possible customer experience for its customers, both in the products and services they use, and for the products they invest in,” the spokesperson continued.