What do you think of the new Android 5.0 update?

A new update for the popular Android 5 app, Dragon Software, has arrived in the Play Store.

The update adds support for new devices, such as the Huawei Ascend Mate 4 and Huawei Ascend Pro, and the latest version of Android.

Dragon Software also includes a new ‘Game’ option that can be accessed through the ‘Settings’ menu.

The game, Dragon of the Deep, is a multiplayer game that involves teams of up to four players.

The new version of the app also includes new animations for all the game-play elements, including the dragon logo, and a new icon for each level.

The latest update for Dragon Software is the latest beta of Android 5, which has been available for some time now.

Dragon Software’s new update is a fairly large one, with over 3,000 changes to the app.

Some of these are minor fixes, but there are also new features.

For example, the Dragon logo now has a circle instead of a dot, and now a more accurate dragon icon.

Also, the dragon icon has been moved to the top right corner of the screen, and it now has the correct size.

Dragon has also tweaked the animation of the dragons’ breath, which now has more detail.

The Dragon logo has also been moved from the top-right corner of a screen to the bottom-right.

In addition, the game’s ‘game’ menu now includes an option to enable ‘Team’ mode, where players can play against each other, with a score-based ranking system.

These games have been popular among Android users, with users using the ‘Team Battle’ mode to compete against each others’ highest scores.

Other notable changes include the addition of a new feature to the game, where Dragon players can ‘team up’ to form a ‘super dragon’, and the ability to see which other users have joined their team.

These new features are included in the ‘Beta’ version of Dragon Software for Android 5 that is available for download in the Google Play Store for free.

The app also offers a ‘Game Mode’ that allows users to test their skill against other users, and ‘Friends Mode’ where users can find friends to play with.

Dragon software is currently available for free on Android 5 devices.