When Google, Microsoft open 3D printing and robots, it could create jobs for Canadians

3D printed cars, a robot vacuum cleaner and a new model of the Ford Mustang could all be made in Canada if Ottawa and the provinces agreed to work together.

As the two governments prepare to negotiate a multi-billion-dollar trade agreement, the government says they need to get a better understanding of the benefits and risks of creating jobs in each other’s countries.

But the talks are being held behind closed doors and in a highly secretive setting, with no public access to any of the discussions.

The two governments are negotiating a $60-billion free-trade deal, which would cover everything from intellectual property rights to pharmaceuticals, cars and auto parts.

The pact, which has been described as one of the most ambitious trade deals in history, would make it easier for companies to manufacture goods in Canada.

In the past, the governments have negotiated deals with the United States and Japan, but these agreements have been plagued by problems.

The United States is in the midst of a $3.7-billion trade war with China, and the trade agreement with Canada is expected to be approved by the U.S. Congress by the end of June.

Canada, meanwhile, has been battling a shortage of car parts in the country and has been unable to convince American manufacturers to build cars in Canada, according to the Canadian Press.

The deal would give Ottawa and Montreal more bargaining power in their negotiations with the U, but the two sides are still far apart on many other issues.

For example, Ottawa says it wants to make it possible for Canadian-made goods to be used in U..

S.-made products.

Montreal wants Ottawa to give the provinces more control over the supply of imported products, including pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs.

Both governments also want to protect intellectual property.

Ottawa says that, in return for the agreement, it wants a better deal for Canadian companies in the auto and auto-parts industries.

Montreal says Ottawa needs to give it more power over its trade relationship with the world’s top three automakers.

The federal government has been trying to negotiate the deal since June.

Both sides are expected to finish their talks this week.