When the US won’t use its own patent, it’s up to software to fight it

The US is still fighting for its patent rights in technology, and it’s not letting up.

The US Department of Justice said it is suing Microsoft and Apple for using a patent that it’s still trying to enforce.

The DOJ alleges that Microsoft’s patents are “so broadly and capriciously worded that they render them ‘patent-infringing'” and claim that Apple is using its patents in a “defensive posture.”

It also claims that Microsoft uses the patents “in a manner designed to prevent third parties from obtaining the technology.”

The DOJ is not alone.

A group of companies, including Apple, have also sued Microsoft over patents, calling for them to be revoked.

The DOJ’s lawsuit has not yet been formally filed.

It’s not clear if the company will ultimately win.

Microsoft has also been fighting against the patents and other claims in court.

Apple has filed a lawsuit challenging the patent against its own products, too, and is also suing Microsoft for its patents.

The lawsuit is the latest twist in the battle for patent rights between the tech companies.

Apple sued Microsoft last year after the tech giant alleged that it had patented a process for copying images.

Microsoft and Apple have also fought each other over patent rights, arguing that Apple uses Microsoft’s software to copy images from an iPad and other devices without Apple’s permission.

Microsoft has denied the allegations and said it has not copied any images.