Windows 10 will support up to 4K video streaming with a single USB drive

A new feature in Windows 10 Home will enable users to stream 4K videos from a USB drive, as part of a major update to the operating system.

The feature, which was announced in a blog post, will be available when the update rolls out on March 25.

The feature will allow users to use up to four USB drives connected to a single Windows 10 PC to stream a 4K recording from a compatible computer.

The new feature will be activated in the Settings app on Windows 10 machines and the video will be automatically recorded.

Microsoft has also introduced a new feature to the Windows Store to allow users who have the new Windows 10 Insider Preview build to download additional apps from the store and add them to their Start Menu apps.

This will also allow users with the new Preview build of Windows 10 to download and install additional apps they have not yet installed from the Store.

The app downloads will be installed automatically and will not require a restart.