Apple, Google, and the New Zealand Telecoms Company’s New Zealand Telecommunication Board’s $1M Award

The New Zealand Telecommunications Board’s annual awards have been announced on Thursday, with Apple, Microsoft, and Google being named winners in the latest category for “Technology Innovations in Telecommunications”.

In a ceremony at Auckland’s Northland National Library, the awards ceremony was streamed live on the Auckland City Council’s website.

It was announced that Apple had been named Technology Innovator of the Year, with Microsoft receiving the NZXT Cam software award.

The awards ceremony also saw Google, Apple, and Microsoft receiving NZXT cam awards.

Microsoft was also nominated for Innovation Award of the year, with the company winning the award for the new “Mobile Voice” service in the mobile OS for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Apple was also named Technology Entrepreneur of the Week, receiving the award in the category of Mobile Apps Innovation for the upcoming Apple Watch Series 2.

Microsoft and Google were each named Technology Superstar of the week, with Google getting the award, while Apple received the award to celebrate its partnership with Microsoft in the Windows Store.

Microsoft has also received NZXT award for its New Zealand Internet Services Provider (NZIS) program, with a total of $1.7 million in funds raised for the service.

The other nominees for the NZIT awards were:Google, Apple and Microsoft were named Innovators of the Month for January.

Apple and Microsoft received NZIS awards in the Telecommunications Industry Innovation awards for February.

Google and Apple were named Technology Partners of the month for March.