How to use Google Glass to ‘play video games’ with your friends

How to play video games with your Facebook friends?

Google Glass is here to play games, and it’s about to become the new normal.

You can play video game on Google Glass using the headset, but the best part is, you can do so without having to download the app.

The new game-playing app will make its debut on Android devices next month.

Google Glass and Facebook announced the partnership during the Google I/O developer conference, with Google showing off a demo of the game-watching experience on Android Wear devices.

The game-streaming app works with Android Wear watches and Android Wear apps, and works with both Google Glass headsets and Android smartphones.

You’ll need to download an app that supports the Google Glass headset and Android devices, and Google will also offer a free trial of the app, which costs $1.99.

This app will only work on Android phones, and is currently only available for iPhones.

It’s unclear how the game streamers will work with other Android devices as well, but it’s clear that the Google-Facebook partnership is more of a one-to-one experience than a one time deal.

For those who have a smartphone or tablet, Google Glass will automatically download the game streaming app when you plug it into your phone.

For anyone who is not on a phone, the app will automatically install and activate on your Android phone, but you’ll need a headset and other Android-compatible hardware to play the game.

Once installed, you’ll be able to play on Android wear devices, Android phones and even iPhones.

The Google Glass game-watch app will also work with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, with the two social networks making announcements about the app’s launch on the same day.

Google’s own Glass team recently released an update to the game sharing app, Glass Games, to allow for video game streaming from Twitter and Google+.

You’ll also need to buy a Google Glass or Android phone that supports Android Wear, but Google is offering a free $10.99 app download for Android users.

Google has not announced any pricing or availability for the Google and Facebook apps, but expect them to hit Google Glass users in the coming months.

It will be interesting to see how this new game streamer will perform on Android users, since Facebook has not yet announced the app as well.