Razer software update for users with screen capture issue

By Tom Bemis-Perez, USA TODAY Staff Writer”When you’re looking at a computer screen, the image becomes blurred.

It’s a little bit blurry,” said Andrew Siegel, founder of the Screen Capture Software Update.”

You don’t know how to get rid of it, but you know it’s there,” he said.

In addition to helping people who have screen capture problems, the software update helps screen capture and video capture programs improve the image quality by reducing blurriness.

“We can improve the overall image quality, which means you can watch a movie or play a video, and it’s really immersive,” Siegel said.

Razer says it has a fix for screen capture software problems that it expects to be available in about a month.

Siegel said the software fix is based on feedback from customers who have had issues with screen capturing.

“It’s based on a number of factors,” he told USA TODAY.

“We’re looking for feedback on a couple different aspects of screen capture.”

The software update will automatically fix the problem, Siegel explained.

It won’t work on systems that don’t have a screen capture feature.

Users who have the screen capture problem will have the option to manually download the software and install it on their computer.

Users with the software issue will receive a screen capturing software update.

Razrz software for computers will come out about a week after the software is released.