Why is the blue yetis not allowed to play?

Updated May 23, 2018 05:23:48 The software company Blue Yeti Software said it has been granted permission to play the game’s demo on Android, Apple TV and Apple Watch devices, but only in India.

Blue Yetis chief executive Ankit Sharma said it is a big step forward for the game.

“The company has a strong interest in ensuring that players are not restricted to certain devices in certain areas, and we hope this permission will allow our game to be used in the region where it belongs,” Sharma said in a statement.

The Blue Yetidae Software has a history of bringing the world’s most famous creature to life.

Its latest game, the Blue Yetide, is a game about a mythical yeti that roams a vast, forested area in South America.

The game, which will be released on Android devices, Apple TVs and Apple Watches, was made available for free to people in India earlier this year.

However, it is not yet available for Apple Watch in the country.

Sharma said the company is waiting for a response from the Indian government.

“It is a very significant move and we wish to assure all interested parties that we have been granted the necessary permissions for the app to be allowed to run in the India market,” Sharma added.

The app, which was first released in 2016, has been downloaded over 4 million times in India, according to Blue Yetīs platform.

The company is looking to release the game in other countries, he added.