How to get your taxes paid free with Free Accounting Software

By now you’re probably aware of the free accounting tools out there. 

Many of them are popular with professionals and businesses that need to do complex financial accounting tasks, but many of them don’t come with much information on their websites. 

One of those free accounting programs is TaxMe, which is the software that was developed by The Boston Consulting Group and American Express. 

It’s free and it has a lot of features. 

There are a lot more features, but I’ll focus on the ones I found useful. 

Here’s what you need to know to get started with TaxMe. 


If you’re in the US, TaxMe can be downloaded from 

In addition, if you’re on Mac or Windows, you can also use TaxMe from the Mac App Store. 


Tax Me also has a number of plugins, which are used by the software to provide additional features.

You can choose which plugins to install and which plugins you want to use. 


Thing is, the plugins you install can vary from one software to another. 

For example, Tax Me also offers plugins for the popular TaxPrep software, but TaxMe’s plugins are not available for TaxCalc or TaxKit. 


You can also get TaxMe on the Google Play Store and iTunes Store.

It’s available for free in the Google Play Store.

You will need to have the Taxme app installed. 


Some of the plugins for TaxMe are free to download, but some of the most useful ones are TaxRecovery, TaxPricing, TortureCalc, and TrialCalc. 


The free version of TaxMe also offers an accounting-based version. 


Finally, TaxMeter  is a free version that includes TaxSense, which lets you analyze and compare the financials of people and businesses. 


Another free option that’s available is CalcTrader, which lets you track your tax returns and track your savings. 


Lastly, there are a number other free software programs out there that can help you with your taxes. 

But the CouponMaster  and the FreeTax software can also be a good way to get a good deal. 


Do you have any tips to share? 

Let me know in the comments. 

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