NFL’s top 10 free software apps: Where to start? provides the list of the top 10 paid free software programs for professional football fans and professionals.

The list includes the NFL, NFL Network, NFL Premium, NFL Mobile, NFL TV,, NFL app, NFL App, NFL GamePass, NFL Films, NFL Now, NFL Studio, NFL Ticket, NFLVIP, NFL Watch, NFL Plus and more.

In addition to the top five free software applications, ESPN lists three premium paid software programs that pay for premium content and features.

The NFL app and NFL Network pay for exclusive content and content from the NFL Network including NFL Game Pass, NFL NFL Network Live and NFL Premium.

The top paid apps are:NFL App ($7.99 per month), NFL Network ($5.99 monthly), NFL Premium ($4.99) and NFL TV ($3.99).

NFL Mobile ($2.99/month) and the NFL TV Premium ($2/month).

NFL TV Plus ($1.99 each month) and Premium ($1/month for two years) are also included.

The Top 5 Free Software apps list is a yearly list of software that has been paid for by ESPN and is not part of the ESPN NFL app. ($1 per month) is the most expensive paid NFL app available and offers a number of premium features, including the ability to access live streaming of NFL games, access to the NFL Mobile app for a subscription fee, a $3.9 per month subscription fee and access to NFL Premium ($3 per month)*Includes the ability for users to watch NFL games from a mobile device, including a new app for iOS and Android*Allows access to exclusive NFL content from NFL Network (subscription required) and also the NFL.TV app, plus access to live streaming content and access and access of the NFL mobile app*Includes access to an NFL Premium subscription*Includes the NFL App and NFL Mobile apps*Includes NFL Premium**The NFL app is the NFL app with live NFL games available via the NFL Gamepass mobile app, and is available in the NFL’s app store for free and in a $5/month NFL Premium plan.

The app is also available on mobile devices through the NFL Premium app.NFL Mobile ($3/month)*Includes NFL Gameplay, Live Score, Sports & Apparel, NFL Insider, SportsCenter, NFL Live, NFL MatchCenter, and NFL Pass**NFL Premium ($5/mo)*Includes access and a Premium plan for live football, as well as access to content and premium features of NFL Plus**NFL App includes NFL Premium and the mobile app for premium video and audio streaming and a $1.9/month subscription fee**NFL.TV ($2 per month, $4 per month and $6 per month for two-year subscription)*Includes premium video, audio and game content**NFL app ($4 per day)*Includes exclusive NFL games and a subscription to the app**NFL Plus ($4/month):Includes access, the NFL Insider app, live scores and access via the ESPN app and mobile app.**NFL Watch ($4-6/month, $8/month or $20/month**NFL Game Pass**Includes NFL Live and access through the ESPN App and mobile apps**NFL Studio**Includes the app, the MLB app,, NFL Rewind, NFL Pass, and the app**’s Top 10 Free Software Applications for Professional Football Fans and Professionals, NFL, 2013,;; NFL App; NFL Network; NFL Mobile; NFL Plus;;