When does a team win a game? The big questions ahead

The big question this week is: when does a football team win?

And in the case of Newcastle United, that means the final two rounds of the FA Cup and League Cup.

The two cup finalists from the last three seasons have gone into the final round with just two points, while West Ham United, who have lost their last three, are only two points clear of Arsenal and Everton.

And if Newcastle beat Norwich on Saturday night, then they will be able to take a point off Everton, who also have a game in hand.

The FA Cup is a double-header and is a vital part of any FA Cup final, but the draw itself is often a lot more important.

The top two teams from the group stages go into the next round in a group of eight, while the bottom two teams go into a group two of three.

The winners of the last two rounds will qualify for the last 16, while whoever loses the last four rounds will be relegated.

A point for Newcastle on Saturday would put them in the semi-finals of the tournament, while a draw would put West Ham in a similar situation.

But if West Ham lose to Norwich, they will drop into the play-offs.

And if Newcastle win, they would be in a play-off place.

Here is a look at what is at stake.

A big game for the FAC The FA Cup Final kicks off at 18:00 BST on Friday night.

The teams who finish top of the group in the previous two seasons will advance to the knockout stages.

There are two points available to the top two clubs from the FAB cup, with a place in the knockout stage awarded to the winner of the play offs.

A second group stage is played in a format that is similar to the second round, with the top four from each group advancing to the final.

The bottom four teams in the group will also be in the final of the second stage, with three matches played in the last eight days.

The play-Offs have the same format as the semi/final stage, where the top eight teams of each division face off against the bottom eight teams in each division.

A final three is played, with all the sides from the first three groups advancing to a final five-game group.

The final two teams will then meet in the play out, with two games played in each leg of the tie, with top-two winners moving on to the play in.